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When it comes to folks who were tough was nails we need look no further than those who homesteaded the prairies

They left everything they knew, venturing into the unknown to try their hand at forging a better life for themselves and their families

Stones, roots and weather didn’t hold the homesteaders back. They worked day and night, clearing the land, establishing their farm and a sense of community & family with their neighbours

They took pride in their work knowing that the time, effort, energy and hardships were worth the rewards

Homestead by Farmer’s Son Co. pays homage to the  hardworking prairie homesteader with a rich and dark blend of aged leather reminiscent of that old waxed leather hat worn daily, whiskey taking us back to those get-together's with new neighbours and black pepper symbolizing the spice that enriched their lives with this new journey

Pure soy wax, fine fragrance oil, cotton core wick

4oz travel tin - 20 to 25 hour burn time
8oz lowball glass tumbler - 45 to 50 hour burn time

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