Back Forty


Back Forty

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During the early days of homesteading, Canadian settlers were granted a quarter section of land which amounted to 160 acres. Each quarter section was divided into four sections, which were generally referred to as the two front forty and two the back forty

The term stuck around with many who grew up on a family farm being able to quickly reference their own back forty memories -

“The cows got out and into the wheat on the back forty”

“He’s out picking stones on the back forty”

“We should build a new fence around the pasture on the back forty”

Our take on Back Forty sees us couple a rich blend of young balsam & paper birch, blending them a fresh breeze coming from the north as we wander to the back edges of the family land, pooch at our side, over the hills to check the fence line, make sure the cows are staying where they ought to and take dinner out to the ol’ man as he works the land that his grandparents first settled so many years ago

Pure soy wax

Fine fragrance oil

Cotton core wick

4oz travel tin - 20 to 25 hour burn time

8oz lowball glass tumbler - 45 to 50 hour burn time

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